Film: Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men (2006) is a post-apocalyptic based film, where the protagonist must escort a pregnant woman to a safe haven in a world where all woman are supposedly infertile.

The film keeps its focus upon the challenges and conflicts that occur throughout the story; choosing to keep the bigger questions unanswered and allowing the viewer to piece together the setting through the altered landscapes and the desperate survivors appearances.

A war wages between terrorists and the government. The activists fight for human rights as the British government has suspended immigrants from entering their country. Political propaganda suggests that the government prides themselves on being the only society that has upheld a a relatively stable regime. This notion could be a reflection on earth’s lack of unity when sharing resources.

I enjoyed the films focus on a particular story, not just acting as a commentary on how the apocalypse happened. The strong use of visuals to act out the setting allowed for a tight story.

This method seems to be appropriate for storytelling alongside illustration. Why describe in text what you can show visually? Would this not counteract the point of an illustration if a scene was fully described in text?


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