The Colony

The Colony is a reality TV series created by the Discovery Channel that follows a group of survivors who attempt to coexist and survive in post-catastrophe L.A.

Residing within an old manufacturing warehouse, these people will be tested to see if they have the necessary skills to gather clean water, maintain a secure dwelling and construct beneficial tools for survival.

In the beginning of the first episode, each member scrounges limited canned foods together. Later they are tasked with putting beds together with industrial materials. Their first attempt at slumber is interrupted by an intruder banging on one of the entrance doors.

“An attack from outside can reveal the cohesiveness of a group or it can expose the weak links.”

-Dr. Miatta Snetter, Psycotherapist/Post-trauma specialist

“In an apocalyptic or catastrophic event, there are going to be individuals with the intent of either stealing what you have for their survival or just causing mayhem for their entertainment.”

-Adam Montella, Homeland Security Advsior

The next day, four new survivors approach the warehouse. Conflict amongst the original inhabitants eventually leads to their allowed entry.

“If you have a strong faith you want to help the poor you want to help the needy but you have to take care of your own first.”

-John V, Machinist

So far, this show appears to be a valuable resource for understanding the dynamics of surviving without everyday benefits. This information could be valuable for constructing societies within a post-apocalyptic/restructured society.


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