Analysis Of Degenesis

“The Arrival Of Primal Punk”

“Primal Punk. The term was coined by German publisher Sigh-press to encapsulate the style of their fresh approach to roleplaying games in the Degenesis RPG. Primeval savagery. Wild abandon. An epic post-apocalyptic survival drama. Primal Punk-a perfect fit for the material.

Degenesis is the story of mankind’s struggle in the wake of Earth’s greatest catastrophe: a rain of massive asteroids. Europe and Africa have been cut off from the other continents and battle against each other for control of the known world. In europe, the people are finally emerging from a dark age that spanned half a millennium, whereas Africa has become complacent and corrupt after centuries of wealth and splendor. Meanwhile, a new threat to mankind has emerged. With the asteroids came a new and sinister life form which poisoned the earth and its creatures.”

My analysis: Cyber-punk is another genre that had adopted the ‘punk’ suffix. It’s setting is usually derived from elements of ‘hardboiled detective novels, film noir, and postmodernist prose to describe the often nihilistic underground side of an electronic society.’ ‘The emphasis on the misfits and the malcontents is the “punk” component of cyberpunk.’

Degenesis uses the idea of incorporating rebellious, misfit characterized tribes into a world reverted back to primeval tendencies. Having human beings rely on their most basic instincts to survive creates conflicts with anyone who opposes their livelihood.

As a way to localize these conflicts, Degenesis uses a world-wide catastrophe (rain of asteroids) to erase other continents that are not applicable to the base story. Only the African and European continent remain. With the asteroid rain-fall comes the opportunity to bring an unreal or supernatural element to the story, something that would not have been available in our world’s current state.

“The Day After”

“2073. The year of the Eshaton. The world trembled as human civilization was atomized in a cataclysmic hail of asteroids. Ten thousand years of evolution snuffed out in a single day.
Europe was hit especially hard. Fires and electrostatic discharges lit the night. The days that followed were filled with smoke and dust. The rain became acidic and the air was poison. Cities stank of death.
But the worst was yet to come.
Earthquakes and volcanoes blasted the fragile remnants of humanity. Fault lines shifted and magma flowed across the devastated cities melting cars, filling basements, and burying bunkers. Poisonous gas wafted across the wastelands; the dying had no end.
Red crater dust and volcanic ash filled the sky, casting the land into twilight. The sun became a distant, glossy marble.
In Africa, however, a new age of prosperity swept over the land. Equatorial jet streams pressed the dust clouds away to the north and south and the dark continent was able to breathe. As a deep freeze settled over Europe and South Africa a pleasant Mediterranean climate replaced the oppressive heat that defined most of Arfica. The Sahara bloomed, while the rest of the world was poised to freeze to death.”

My analysis: 2073 is the year the catastrophe occurred. Using this time frame allows for the creator of the story/setting to incorporate futuristic elements we have not yet perceived. The time period however is still within our current century (2000-2100,) allowing for recognizable current day objects to have survived or become antiques by then.
Disaster elements could be relative to the continent? A scientific understanding of the domino effect that would occur from an asteroid fall to our fragile environment is displayed. Africa becomes a more livable situation than what it was originally by having a bearable climate. Every other continent that is prone to switching weather patterns becomes ‘poised to freeze to death.’

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