Preface/Design Brief

By way of a catastrophic viral outbreak, how would a world inhabited by survivors with amplified or newly aroused mental disorders function? Colonists may search for new symbols and cultural movements to best reflect their mental abnormalities.

This proposition shall be the central inspiration behind the development and design of 2092: Post-Sanity. Focusing on the visual growth of two colonies within this fictitious world, three characters and one environment shall be created for each. The characters will occupy one of three roles relevant to their society’s function: a powerful politician, a lower classman and a scout familiar with environmental hardships. Vaguely describing the aforementioned positions will allow me to explore multiple aesthetic and storytelling options when considering their cultural and disorderly alignment. By synthesizing newly discovered elements together, I will account for the psychological and historical emblematic quality influencing the components being constructed. Environments depicting a colony’s civilization shall be conscious of this influence by embodying the afflicted mental disorder and chosen cultural movement. As such, the aim of each work will be to realize an idea. The quantity of art outputted reflects the desired level of believability to be achieved for each piece within the timeframe of one semester.
Once the design of two habitats and its inhabitants are completed, these pieces shall be organized into an illustrative composition. This image will portray a conflict between the two fickle-minded colonies. With the emphasis of this project being on discovering an original design solution, assignment descriptions shall be kept minimal in an attempt to discover the defining aspects throughout the design process.


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