Design Brief Revision

“The language of post-apocalypse demands a “saying the unsayable,” providing an account of an unimaginable aftermath. And yet,
these aftermaths, however unimaginable, have actually happened, and languages for them exist ”

(Berger, J. 1999. After the end: representations of post-apocalypse. U of Minnesota Press.)


Catastrophic viral outbreaks and plagues have been known to have an enormous impact on human societies. How would
a future world inhabited by survivors with amplified or newly aroused mental disorders function? Such survivors may
evaluate established symbols and cultural movements to assist them in creating a new identity and visual language.


To use illustration as a means of designing ficticious cultures for the purpose of raising awareness towards the symptoms
of two mental disorders.

Research Questions

How can I use traditional and digital illustration techniques to design the visual language of two cultures that
express their mental disorders through related historic cultural movements?
What cultural motifs are key to symbolizing the defining mental disorder of each culture?


The design output will include:
Two resolved character portraits and one environment design for each colony.
Solutions that are the result of numerous experiments involving traditional and digital mediums.
The consideration of formal aesthetic design principles used to recontextualize iconic cultural elements.
A single image that illustrates a possible confrontation between the two developed cultures.
A book documenting the aforementioned processes. This shall be designed to act as a ‘pitch’ device for
further development of 2092: Post Sanity.
Narrated videos of the design process created to inform and attract an exhibition audience.


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